Professional bioclimatic pergolas

The bioclimatic pergolas are the ideal solution to enjoy the outdoor space.

Acting on the roof system is possible to pack-up or adjust the blades to handle at will either different levels of sun shade and complete rain protection. During the warm days, it is enough to slightly open the blades to let the heat quickly flow off, creating a pleasant comfort while keeping shade.

Unlike the common awnings, the perception of the heat underneath this shelter is almost null, therefore it is possible to pleasantly stay also during the warmer days.

Enjoy the lasting comfort in every atmospheric conditions

The STUDIO66 bioclimatic pergolas are ideal professional systems for restaurants, hotels and in general for all the dwellings, when it is needed an extra sheltered and agile venue and where it will be possible to perform host activities no matter what the atmospheric conditions are.

Retracting the blades is possible to fully enjoy the evening while dining within nature. In case of a rain event there is a detector that automatically tight shut the pergola roof.

STUDIO66 brand, distinguished for its minimalistic design, is always mindful towards the architectural aspect.

Quality and solidity

The solidity of our pergolas is due to a building system having structural nodes that with specific thickness and size can cope with intense atmospheric conditions and on request with seismic events. All the characteristics are specifically evaluated and collected into our own technical reports. The production is carried out in compliance with European standards and certified accordingly with UNI 1090 regulation. The performance and quality of the materials used are the highest to be found on the market and are well described in the technical sheets. Another feature that distinguishes us is the total absence of visible screw ends.

The whole system can be inspected through appropriate upper pockets. They are very handy for lighting and other technical plants. The structural nodes present holes that create a continuum connection that allows technical system wire (Light, music, heating, etc..) to go through and get installed either while mounting the structure or at any time afterwards. All around the pergola can be installed sliding glazing and blinds.

On request the bioclimatic pergolas can come with special ballasted floor slabs that allow them to be installed without being fixed to the ground, while granting the wind thrust stability. Our technical department is always available to clarify any aspect. Subject to the approval of the project one of our professionals will follow it through all the phases from the preliminary project to the final testing.

The Studio66 STRUCTURES are designed to accommodate the different bioclimatic coverings produced by the company. They are designed to be easily customized according to the different types of installation and construction site situations.