Roller blinds


The indoor roll-up curtains are suitable for all types of decor. Modern, practical, and of great aesthetic impact, they enhance and contribute to giving a personalized touch to every room. This type of product answers not only aesthetic but also functional needs. Various indoor roll-up curtains can be found on the market, some with a box and some without, and with different mechanisms for rolling the curtain up and down. For the construction of this type of curtain, all kinds of fabric can be used: From the heaviest fabrics which shut out the light, to the lightest to give the environment a more elegant appearance.

Various type of outdoor roll-up curtains are offered, according to the sun filter level, the type of lateral runners for the canvas, and the type of box. This kind of curtain has a dual function: it regulates the natural light and lowers the temperature inside the rooms, reducing energy consumption. The essential, modern design makes them ideal for any type of building. They are suitable for use for many different architectonic styles: large buildings, private homes, offices, and open constructions such as gazebos and verandas.