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Studio66 was one of the first companies in Italy to have undertaken the production of bioclimatic pergolas.
We design, customize, manufacture and install our products responding directly to your needs.

Bioclimatic pergolas

Our bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable and retractable louvers integrate perfectly with any building, creating spaces with new intended uses, safe, comfortable and without the need for maintenance.

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New spaces

We install our covers on customized structures, delimited by windows, sunscreen panels and roller blinds, as well as supplied with a series of accessories to make your new space even more comfortable.

Customize your pergola

Different structures for every need

We produce structures with very long spans, without intermediate columns, in order to guarantee maximum permeability with the external environment.
They are easily customizable, inspectable and according to UNI 1090 according to CE requirements.

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Our goal is to offer customers a high-level product that identifies our brand in the outdoor market.


We design with an architectural eye, taking care of the construction details, without visible screws and masking casings.


Easy adjustment of the ventilation by means of the adjustable or retractable slats, which close automatically in case of rain.


Sliding glass, packable glass, roller blinds, wooden floors or quartz slats, lighting and heating systems.


We meet the needs of hotels and restaurants where safety, water tightness, resistance to snow loads and earthquakes become mandatory.

No maintenance

The surface of our pergolas is completely smooth to avoid accumulation of foliage and consequent overflows of water.

Walkable slats

The blades of the Blade system are designed to be able to carry heavy loads. They allow you to walk on them to facilitate any maintenance even with large spans.

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Snow load

Studio66 pergolas are specially sized according to the loads they have to bear.

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