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Outdoor design

STUDIO66 is one of the first Italian companies who wage the adjustable blades Bioclimatic Pergolas production.

This path, begun a decade ago, brought the Company to become a reference concerning Dehor production and development for particular projects, always keeping style and functional design as a fundamental principle.

Quality and Strength

All the realizations we made so far have in common the minimalist appearance and the attention for details, always avoiding to have visible screws as well as cladding carters.

Depending on the project needs, the structure can be made either with aluminum or steel. Both solutions are designed and produced with the same characteristics and are sized in order to resist strong atmospheric events. The beam size is chosen to avoid the central flexion that will compromise the correct sliding of the underneath glass panels and the correct flow of the water with the consequential overflow. For this reason the horizontal beams arrow must be as close as possible to zero.

It results in a professional product suitable for any environment and particularly indicated for all the facilities like hotels, bars and restaurants, where customers safety and high functional quality must be guaranteed. Our products are duly engineered and calculated to resist strong wind thrust and heavy rains as much as high snow weights and seismic events. The installation can be free-standing or wall-mounted and can clad with sliding glazing and/or roller blinds. Heat strips, illumination sets, as well as timber floor finishing or quartz slats will complete our systems.

Retractable Blades

The high quality of the material used, with their adequate thickness, allowed us to make very wide spans avoiding the central pillar, leaving a beautiful 180 degrees view, ideal for lake, mountains and sea-side buildings. To fully enjoy the panorama we moreover conceived a retractable blades system. With a simple remote controller the blades can be partially or completely retracted, letting us to be warmed-up by the early sun in the morning or have a wonderful dinner under the stars.

A rain detector activates the automatic shut off of the roof at the first rain drops, leaving the possibility to keep enjoying the outdoors without any discomfort due to the weather.

No Maintenance

The STUDIO66 Bioclimatic Pergolas are the only on the market having the upper part completely flat and smooth without the insertion of gutters between the blades.

This peculiar feature avoids that leafs and dirt remain trapped between the blades and their consequent fall over the underneath furniture while opening the roof. This determines the absence of maintenance, very much relevant for those big covertures where it will evidently cause sensitive costs. Our technical department is composed from a team of engineers and architects that follows each project to the final realization into a full collaboration with the designer and or our commercial partners, in order to attain the maximum satisfaction of our clients.