Pergola Bioclimatic

Studio 66 was the first company in Italy to produce bioclimatic pergolas.

Our pergolas are the ideal solution for experiencing outdoor space. In addition to the solar radiation, given by the possibility of tilting or packing the slats, we can manage the closure automatically in case of rain, maintaining a perfect watertightness.

The conformation of our slats allows for a completely smooth surface in the closed position.

This feature prevents the accumulation of dirt and foliage that would prevent proper water runoff resulting in overflow.

They are also the only ones on the market that are walkable, a condition that allows for periodic cleaning.

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Pergola Fold

Pergola Bioclimatic Impacchettabile

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Pergola Blade

Pergola with adjustable louvers

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Pergola Cover Plain

Pergola bioclimatic Swivel

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Covers Self-Supporting

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The Facilities for Pergolas Bioclimatic


Our facilities pergola bioclimatic can be custom made in both aluminum and stainless steel according to the needs of the customer; they are designed for easy installation while being devoid of visible screws.

Facilities for pergolas bioclimatic

Stained glass and furniture for Pergolas


To create your customized space, we can integrate to facilities for pergolas bioclimatic, sliding windows, folding or parking, panels shading, ups and downs or curtains perimeter. We also provide a range of floorings suitable for the external environment, lighting systems and integrated heating lamps.

Stained glass and furniture for pergolas

Well-being under any weather conditions

The pergola bioclimatic Studio66 are ideal for restaurants, hotels and private homesto exercise , recreational activity, or receptive, regardless of weather conditions. In case of rain sensor automatically closes the pergola is hermetically sealed.

Quality and strength

Our pergola bioclimatic are designed to withstand weather events, strong intensity, thanks to the use of profiles to high-performance dimensioned in compliance with the european standards and are certified according to the UNI 1090.

Perfect integration systems

All the modules of the structure are connected by through-holes to facilitate the passage of cables or pipes and can easily be inspected by special hidden pockets. This allows the integration of the lighting system in a second step with respect to the mounting.

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