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Blade is a system of covers bioclimatic with adjustable slats water-tight. Slat adjustment allows easy management of the climate and of the inner light. Only in trade to be in the closed position, the surfaces of the blades, perfectly smooth, avoiding the accumulation of foliage in the opening phase of the fall on the furniture, below. The version of the Blade 230-blade premium-reaching spans of up to 4.5 metres without the need of supporting pillars, and can be usable with the necessary precautions to facilitate ease of maintenance. On request it can be supplied alone cover swivel.
The covers of Studio66 are made especially to meet any kind of need, technical or architectural.

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In order to customize the environments according to the different needs of our customers, we have taken steps to integrate the pergola bioclimatic with a range of accessories versatile that determine the intended use.

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