Sliding glass doors and Panoramic Impacchettabili

Furniture for pergolas bioclimatic

Accessories for pergolas

In order to customize the environments according to the different needs of our customers, we have taken steps to integrate the pergola bioclimatic with a range of accessories versatile that determine the intended use.

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External windows


The sliding glass doors and impacchettabili all glass with profiles of a smaller size to create a versatile environment that responds to the most disparate needs, with a microclimate but without sacrificing the visual relationship with the outside world.

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Sliding panels

Fixed or sliding, wood or aluminium, which are designed to meet the highest standards for the result of a system that is durable and reliable.

The ups and downs in glass

moved by motor. A barrier with the external, flexible, and waterproof, which is useful in the shelter from the wind and rain.

Flooring outdoor

wood, faux wood, or conglomerate, quartz-reinforced, wide choice of finish-a guarantee of quality and longevity.

The stained glass windows sliding glass doors to pergolas: a stylish and functional solution!

The sliding glass doors glass shades are an elegant and functional solution to create a habitable space outdoors. Whether you're creating a cozy relaxing area in your garden, or an extension of your home, the installation of sliding glass doors you can turn your pergola into an environment that is secure and comfortable, suitable to enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the year.

Thanks to the transparent glass, the sliding glass doors you can enjoy natural light and keep panoramic views of your outdoor space, without compromising protection from the sun and from the rain. With the option of opening and closing, you can adjust the ventilation and create the desired atmosphere.

The sliding glass doors glass for pergolas they are made with materials that are durable and of high quality, which ensure long-lasting durability and optimum performance. Thanks to their stylish design and refined, add a touch of style and class to your pergola.

Invest in stained glass windows sliding glass doors for your pergola allows you to create a space that is versatile, suitable for moments of relaxation and conviviality. Discover the endless possibilities offered by this solution and transforms your pergola in a corner of paradise in the open.

Roller blinds for pergolas


The roller blinds perfectly integrated into the pergolas Studio66 can be made of fabrics, blinds, or filter. We can provide various models of roller blindswith or without the box and with different types of movement.


Spotlights Led bar for pergolas


We provide Led spotlights spherical or Led bars are perfectly integrated in the structures and studied as a function of the light output required by the customer. The electrical system and wiring is perfectly integrated into the structure and is suitable for the ispezionamento and maintenance.

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Heat lamps for pergolas


To ensure the comfort of the environment within the pergolawe can integrate the heat lamps of different type according to the needs of the client and intended use. The electric system is perfectly integrated into the structure.

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Facilities for pergolas bioclimatic


Our structures can be customized and made in both aluminum and stainless steel according to the needs of the customer; they are designed for easy installation while being devoid of visible screws.