Pergola Freestanding

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The new outdoor area, Slight exterior offers the possibility to install different types of roofs: adjustable slats waterproof, impacchettabili, or, alternatively, roller blinds, horizontal for a simple solar shading. Which consists of a solid internal structure, Slight, is self-supporting and easy to install on any fund. Does not require fastening to the ground, but rests on solid feet that allow for a perfect adjustment.

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Stained glass and furniture for Pergolas


The ability to be delimited with a sliding glass doors or curtains, makes SLIGHT, the ideal solution for furnishing outdoor spaces both private and public.

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Pergola Freestanding Island

Discover the moderna and avant-garde pergola freestanding, ideal for turning your outdoor spaces such as gardens and terraces in domestic environments only. The pergolas are self-supporting, also known as “island”, are the latest trend to create a real oasis of comfort, relax.

The pergola free-standing island, you can finally achieve your dreams for your home. Create a fun room, outdoor games for your kids, an open-air gym for your physical and mental wellbeing, or a cosy lounge area for cocktails and scenes with friends. This unique product allows you to create a beautiful and custom, all in one place.

Why choose a Pergola Freestanding

The pergola bioclimatic self-supporting offers many benefits, without the need to be anchored to a wall. Characterized by an elegant and contemporary design, this structure adds a touch of style and functionality to your garden or terrace.

Thanks to its flexibility, you can position the pergola freestanding freely in your outdoor space, creating a cosy area perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Customizable according to your tastes and your needs, can be equipped with side locks as sliding glass doors, offering protection from the weather, and letting you enjoy the space even in adverse weather conditions.

This solution represents a versatile alternative and moderna to the outdoor spaces, with simple installation and minimal maintenance over time.”

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