Facilities for Pergolas Bioclimatic

Production and Installation of Pergolas Bioclimatic

Facilities for Pergolas

The facilities for pergolas, minimalist design, are designed for easy installation without any screws at sight. Can be made of aluminum or steel, depending on the request architecture and tailored to the needs of the customer, while maintaining the same aesthetics and quality.


Modular structures and flexible

The structures Studio66 are designed to accommodate all the pergola bioclimatic produced by the company. Are designed to be modular and flexible, easily integrated into any housing situation and customizable according to the needs of the customer.

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Facilities for pergolas and color, and custom finishes

All of our facilities for pergolas can be painted in any colour of RAL. In the case of the destination in the places of the sea, it is advisable to require treatment antisalsedine (seaside).


Plus structures pergolas – Studio66

Quality and design certificate

With no visible screws and casing cover. Each supply can be produced by considering the structural calculation of the artifact in relation to the snow load, seismic and wind. The production complies with the UNI 1090 and CE requirements.

Large spans and zero columns

Made of both aluminum and steel. The tubular aluminum size mm. 200x100x4sp., 220x120x5sp. and 250x120x9sp. This last section allows us to reach spans long, eliminating intermediate columns.

Perfect inspection equipment

The inside of the tubes can be arranged electrical systems technician or even after the installation, by means of the upper pockets that allow for the inspection.

Easy installation

Designed and manufactured for easy installation, can be placed without fixing to the ground with special paving weighed down, ensuring the same characteristics of wind resistance of the traditional system.

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