The structures


Every furniture is realized considering the structural calculations of the product, such as wind and snow loads, seismic analysis (these requests have to be done before the quotation). The production respects with UNI 1090 regulation and CE requirements. The constructive method of fixing beams simplifies the installation especially avoiding visible screws and carter system.

Bioclimatic pergolas can be made in aluminum or steel and customized according to our customer’s requirements while keeping the look and qualitative characteristics that distinguish us. It is possible to apply them on terraces, without anchoring to the floor or wall, respecting the stability and wind resistance parameters.

Aluminium tubes dimensions: 200x100x4thk., 220x120x5thk., and 250x120x9thk. (last section could reach very long widths and reduce the deflection, avoiding the intermediate beam). Inside the tubes, you can set up electrical/technical systems, even after installation, through the upper pockets that allow their inspection. All our structures could be powder coated in whatever RAL color. Seaside treatment is recommended for structures next to sea areas.