Bioclimatic retractable and orientable pergolas, roller blinds, perimeter glazing and double folded sliding, shade sails. Studio 66 is specialized in sun protection solutions for professionals and individuals. A qualified team of architects and engineers closely follows the requirements of customers in achieving their small and large scale projects to achieve customized projects.

Studio66 bioclimatic pergolas are real design elements, which integrate perfectly into any building, embellish the aesthetics and functionality. Protect from rain and sun and on request can be verified for local snow loads.

Studio66 bioclimatic pergolas can be delimited by sliding glass doors, folding or roller zip curtains becoming indoors and heated.

The blades made of extruded aluminum, can be either adjustable (BLADE 160) or retractable (FOLD 200), while all installations with irregular shapes can be managed using the product COVER PLAIN.

A slight opening of the slats creates the so-called “chimney effect” allowing for a pleasant stay even when the weather is very humid. Studio 66 is the only company in Europe that have the slats with the upper surface perfectly smooth. This feature facilitates periodic cleaning, and prevents when the slats are closed, which is accumulated dirt and foliage between the blades, pouring in case of opening on furniture below. A particularly important feature in the case of restaurants or public places. The aluminum tubulars of our structures have a thickness of 4 mm, which is essential to ensure a solid and secure attachment, while the retaining plates between the individual beams have a thickness of mm. 10 + 10. Thanks to our fastening system, ll pergolas Studio66 are free of visible screws. Pergolas can be completed with lateral sliding glass double folded and ups and downs. When closed these systems, without horizontal profiles, guarantee their transparency.